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The stove Stila of the firm Austroflamm, thanks to its total diameter width of only 44 centimeters becomes a really modern and elegant decoration element, fitting perfectly in any type of space, even if it is of small dimensions.

With a large vertical glass door topped with a narrow frame in black silk-screened, allows to contemplate in a very pleasant way the beauty of the flames. The door is perfectly integrated into the structure of the stove so that nothing gets in the way of the front view of the stove.

The Austroflamm wood stoves are a world benchmark for their operation, finishes, technology and innovative designs.

Regarding its operation, probably one of the best in the world, we are facing tremendously effective devices throughout its range:

  • Its yields above 78% indicate us devices with a capacity to heat really high with minimum consumption of firewood. </ li>
  • CO emissions below 0.12% make them very environmentally friendly, as well as indicating exceptional combustion quality. </ li>
  • And last and perhaps most importantly, its extremely low dust emissions to the atmosphere with values ​​below 75 mg / Nm³ across the range. As of 2015, values ​​below 40 mg / Nm³ will be required in Germany and Austroflamm already has almost all its models adapted to this regulation. Such low values ​​provide a really ecological combustion for the environment and highly clean and effective for our device. </ Li>
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    Regarding its quality, it has the most advanced systems for combustion air regulation, door self-closing systems, the innovative Keramott interior material, Heat Memory System heat accumulation systems and its exceptional finishes.Regarding its technology, the R & D department of Austroflamm studies and innovates year after year to always offer the best features in its models, being the most outstanding:

    • Heat Memory System (HMS) heat accumulation systems with which the appliance provides us with heat up to 9 hours after the fire has finished. </ li>
    • Highly refractory interior material, Keramott, constructed from titanium oxide capable of reflecting all the heat to the combustion chamber. </ li>
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      All these virtues make the customer who tries an Austroflamm stove do not want to return to any other type of appliance.

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