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Kratki wood stoves provide us with the quality of a 100% European cast iron with a really competitive price.

The casting structure class 200 has a minimum thickness of 8 mm and has a 5 year warranty.


Description cast iron stoves Kratki

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1. Connection for upper tube and rear outlet (except Koza K8 model)

2. Air curtain for front glass – prevents glass from getting dirty

3. Glass to withstand high temperatures, up to 800ºC

4. Cold hand – Allows extraction during operation of the stove

5. Decorative morillo for the support of the firewood

6. Mobile grid to facilitate the extraction of the ashes

7. * Decorative legs

8. Adjustable air flow through the ashtray drawer

9. Ashtray drawer to collect the remains of the combustion

10. * Side decorative plate

11. Back plate

12. The thickness of 8 mm of the combustion chamber ensures a perfect operation of the stove

13. Deflector – To lengthen the smoke circuit

14. ASDP – Automatic external air control in an exempt stove, self-regulating thermostat – additional option

15. TURBOFAN – Turbine for the extraction of hot air produced by the stove – additional option

16. Decorative frame for K6 and K9 stove – additional option

17. Charcoal basket for K9 stove – additional option

18. Hooks for K6, K9 and K10 stoves with hook – additional option

19. Vermeculita decorativa – Increases the temperature inside the home and reduces dirt on the glass – additional option only for K10 stove

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* The appearance of the element depends on the stove model

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