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The Kratki JUNO wood stove is a perfect solution for lovers of independent stoves mounted in modern frames. Its appearance is simple and elegant coupled with excellent performance of a wood stove to have a good heating. The stove is ideal for large and small spaces. One of the many advantages is the possibility of regulating the supplied air thanks to a built-in air inlet. The elegant appearance is provided by the decorative glass. It has a clean glass system, which together with a separate container, helps keep the burner clean. MAXIMUM ENERGY USE A more efficient combustion and higher temperature maintenance when coating the combustion chamber with Acumotte ceramic material that accumulates heat and raises the temperature in the oven.Combustión total on the dust thanks to two baffles that extend the escape route. This process increases the efficiency of combustion and guarantees a better use of energy. It also minimizes the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. The primary air is supplied to the insert thanks to the 125 mm built-in external air inlet. The air inlet is located from the bottom of the insert. The insert has a cover plate on the back wall and a hole in its base. Thanks to this the user can choose how to connect the external air kit. The adjustment of the air is made with an accelerator adjustable by a regulator located under the door. This solution prevents misuse. The entire mechanism works silently and without fail. The secondary adjustment of the air – the so-called “air curtain” is done with a mechanism installed on the door inserts. The opening of the mechanism allows the air to enter the insert in its upper part, where the combustion of the gases produced during the combustion process of the wood takes place. This allows to significantly reduce the emission of harmful CO to the atmosphere. The air directed at the lama “sweeps” the glass pushing away the fire and smoke. Significantly reduces the deposition of soot on the glass so that it remains clean.

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