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Wood stove of traditional aspect, handle with silicone rubber grip, sides and ceramic lid color White, Bordeaux, Warm Gray, Old Amber.

This stove is available in the NATURAL, AIR, COMFORT AIR versions.

Natural: The heat is transmitted to the environment by natural convection: when going up the stove, the hot air diffuses evenly and naturally in the environment.
Air: The heat is released by forced ventilation, thus heating the environment quickly and completely effectively. (optional kit)

Comfort air: Thanks to the exclusive patented Comfort Air system, the hot air is channeled to other environments, also not communicated, constituting for all purposes a heating system (optional kit).

The stoves of the MCZ firm offer a series of characteristics that make them truly attractive:

The exclusive oyster technology, standard in all wood stoves, results in a perfectly watertight / watertight product: the stove does not consume oxygen from the environment by taking all the air from the outside environment, thus being able to be placed inside all the houses well isolated and inside the passive houses

A single control lever facilitates the management of combustion (both primary and secondary air) which is thus optimized at all times.

For an easier and more ergonomic door closure (only in Stripe Overnight, Stub, Stub Overnight).

For all models with rear exit, a tank is available (optional) that ensures a correct humidification of the environment. In addition, fragrances and essences can be added to achieve a pleasant aromatherapy effect.

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