Vivo 90

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Pellet fireplace with panoramic format and wider and more pleasant flame. It can be combined with the COMFORT AIR Basic or COMFORT AIR Slim air duct systems for the heating of several rooms, even if they do not communicate with each other. The brazier and the home are made of black cast iron. Combustion is controlled automatically by Active +. This fireplace can be installed close to the ground.

Absolute silence, whenever you want

The No-Air function allows to completely exclude the forced ventilation of the stove, guaranteeing the maximum possible silence and all the comfort of the heat that is diffused in the environment by natural convection.

Longer and pleasant flame

Finally also the pellet flame is beautiful to contemplate. The brazier is narrow and long and the pellet is evenly distributed. The pellet flame therefore approaches the pleasure and magic of the fire of

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