Boxtherm 70

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Application front thermal pellet fireplace to forced ventilation with fireplace entirely in Scamolex.

Comments on this product

Near the dining table, we have reproduced a classic style fireplace. The custom-made natural stone cladding frames the pellet insert. The classic style then unites perfectly with pellet technology. – Valerie Damidot.

Simple and functional use

There is a remote control with few keys and so many functions. In addition to the normal functions of daily or weekly programming, different temperatures can be programmed in different time zones throughout the day. By allowing the temperature to be measured exactly at the point where it is left (thermostat function), the comfort level is ensured.

Savings of between 60% and 80%

Thanks to the high yields of pellet technology, savings of between 60% and 80% can be obtained compared to a traditional open hearth powered by firewood.

Removable machine body

The entire body of the machine can be easily removed for periodic maintenance of the smoke outlet convenient and more practical.

Non-invasive installation

For those who do not have the possibility of opening the hood, Boxtherm foresees the exit of hot air from the front and the loading of the pellets through a comfortable removable drawer from the front.

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