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The Selecta pellet boiler model is a high-generation model of the RED firm, with compact dimensions for small spaces, with high levels of performance and an optimal operating system.

The hydraulic part of the boiler can be supplemented with different kits depending on our needs. Through the boiler panel we can check the temperature of the inertial tank and the domestic hot water.

Thanks to a perfectly sealed combustion chamber, the new Selecta boilers do not deplete the oxygen in the room by drawing all the air through an external combustion air duct.

Equipped with a new ceramic spark plug, which guarantees a sharp reduction in ignition times and, indirectly, a significant reduction in consumption.

The combustion system is effective and efficient, improving traditional combustion systems. Thanks to a sensor placed inside the boiler, the combustion air is constantly adjusted according to the amount of pellet in the brazier, thus ensuring effective and efficient combustion, reducing consumption, harmful emissions to the atmosphere and facilitating cleaning of the boiler.

It has a novel system that allows the boiler to connect to the most modern technologies of home automation, as well as being able to control it from a mobile or tablet.

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