Ash drawer
12 mm thick cast iron automatic cleaning brazier
Heat exchanger with manual cleaning system
Over heating Thermostat
Foreseen for external thermostat (TA)
Weekly chronothermostat
Touch screen console with new graphic interface
Circulation pump
Expansion tank
Safety valve 3 bar
Partial automatic brazier cleaning for optimal combustion
New management software for the ignition system
Fire door with air cooling system for increased thermal efficiency and heat loss reduction

Product features

Nordica - Extraflame
Nominal power:
4,4 - 15,2 kW
>90 %
Consumption (Kg / h):
1,0 - 3,5 kg/h
Heatable volume:
435 m3
Smoke outlet diameter:
120 mm
Net weight:
256 kg
Total size:
Feed box capacity:
~ 43 kg
PVP 3.299,00 €
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