The ASTRA boilers operate on the principle of gas generation. In the upper chamber of the boiler gas from solid fuel it occurs. These gases are burned in the lower chamber at an elevated temperature of about 900 ° C. When burning solid fuel gasification phenomenon occurs, the combustion is more effective, less ash is produced and emit less waste gases such as CO, into the atmosphere. Another advantage of this boiler is its ability to produce heat for power on the order of 40-100%.
The boiler body in contact with the combustion products is made of P265GH boiler steel 6 mm thick. Other elements of the boiler are made of sheet steel 4 mm thick.
The duration of a fuel charge varies between 5 and 8 hours. If the boiler operating at 40% of rated power, the combustion time can be between 8 and 12 hours.
The boiler maintenance is very easy. The ash must be cleaned twice a week.
All boilers Astra models have electronic control unit.
The Astra boilers have a control electronics unit that controls the boiler effectively. The boiler reacts quickly and accurately to changing thermal requirements form. Thus it is saving fuel. The burning time is increased, pollution and combustion control is easier minimized. The boilers equipped with electronic control unit are identified with the letter “E”.
All Astra boilers are equipped with a cooling coil emergency that prevents water to reach the boiling point in the case of power outage and stop the pump.

Product features

Nominal power:
18 kW
81-89 %
Heatable volume:
250- 450 m3
Net weight:
260 Kg
Total size:
646x1156x750 mm
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