Compact pellet boiler for small settings (under stairs, small rooms, etc …) has already integrated into the structure and ready for operation which can be connected directly to the installation sanitary unit (pump and expansion vessel). High yields (93.8%) and wide modulation operation (1: 5) make this boiler is perfectly suited to new installations ..

Terminations include the possibility of adding a wireless programmable thermostat, the ability to integrate with a boiler of 110 liters for use accumulation of ACS in summer, ease of access to internal parts and the range of hydraulic groups to choose from. (The hydraulic unit is served dismantled)

Regarding management is a very simple boiler to handle despite its many options thanks to the large backlit digital display that can navigate among options such as:

Set pump ignition temperature
Limiting water temperature
Limitation of maximum power in the boiler
Ignition signal to auxiliary boiler
Display smoke fan rpm
Smoke temperature display
Mode Winter / Summer
Counter working hours

And regarding your installation is capable of controlling external heating thermostats, ntc probes for deposits of inertia, immersion thermostats or NTC probes for hot water and the boiler itself we can control a three-way valve to send water to the heating circuit or ACS or send a signal to auxiliary boiler for commissioning. All combinations that we need.

Product features

Nominal power:
18,1 kW
93,8 %
Consumption (Kg / h):
3,6 Kg/h
Heatable volume:
Desde 417 Hasta 487 m3
Net weight:
200 Kg
Total size:
600x1235x660 mm
Power - water:
17 kW
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